Spokane Shrug


This is a quick project that can be made fancy or plain. There is only one piece of fabric so it is easy to embellish with fancy stitches or lace before the final seams are done.


1. Fabric 60 inches wide x 27 inches long


1. Make sure that the piece of fabric is squared up on grain. Finish the bottom edge of the piece. This could be a simple rolled hem, it could be beaded or lace could be used. 

2. Mark the center of the top edge, this will be the back of the neck. Fold the fabric, right sides together and measure over 2 inches from the fold. Stitch down 3 inches. 

3. Open the fabric out flat. Center the seam over the center back mark so that it forms a box pleat. Stitch across the top of the pleat to keep it in place.

4. At both upper corners cut the curved sections as shown in the diagram. This is the cuff end of the sleeve. Fold the cut edges to the wrong side and stitch in place. Or the edges could be finished with bias binding.

5. Now is a good time to embellish the shrug. If your machine has any fancy stitches this is a place to use them. 

6. Lay the fabric on the table right side up. Bring the bottom edge of the cuff to meet the top edge of the cuff. Bring the side edge of the fabric to the top edge of the fabric. Sew in place. 

7. At the neck edge fold the cut edge to the inside and stitch or finish it with bias binding.

8. Turn it right side out and put it on.P1010798